Are you a carer? Do you know someone who cares for someone? the SE TRUST  aims to provide support to those who regularly provide care to someone.

A carer is someone who regularly provides a substantial amount of care to a family member, friend or neighbour who is ill, disabled or is an older person.

You could be:

• A young person under 18 looking after a parent/brother/sister

• Looking after a relative with a disability

• The parent of a child with special needs

• A friend or relative looking after an older person.

To arrange an assessment you can speak to a Social Worker for Elderly at Newcastle clinic (43723346), if the person you care for is aged under 65 and has  a disability please contact the social worker for Disability Services at the Downe hospital (44613311)

Benefits for Carers

The benefit system is complex and finding out what help is available is not always easy. You can get help and advice from a Citizen’s Advice Bureau, an Independent Advice Centre, a Disability Organisation or Carers Northern Ireland (Tel: (028) 9043 9843). Details can also be found on the internet at:

Blue Badge – Parking for Disabled People

The Blue Badge parking scheme in Northern Ireland for people with certain disabilities allows on-street parking close to facilities and services to improve lifestyle, independence and freedom of choice. Further information and an application form can be obtained by phoning (028) 6634 3700 or on the internet at

Disability services

SETRUST has a range of facilities and services for those with a disability, for information on the range of services please visit;

SETRUST carer information.

for a fuller outline on SETRUST carers information please download: