Mental Health


Within the practice we have access to time limited CBT (cognitive Behavioral Therapy)  which is aimed at helping patients manage mild depressive illness, patients who are suitable for this therapy will be referred by the GP and will receive up to 8 sessions of CBT from our counsellor Loretta Collins.


Northumberland Tyne and Wear Trust have made available for download a number of self help leaflets which can be accessed at;

INSOMNIA (sleep problems)

Sleep problems are a frequently  a source of distress for patients, useful information can be accessed at Sleep Information

There is mounting evidence of the long term potential harm of sleeping tablets. New ways of thinking about aiding sleep in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBTi). We are unable to provide this on the NHS however useful articles are available to read from the Sleepio website. You can elect to purchase online CBT from this site. Evidence suggests a 76% improvement in the quality of sleep at the end of the treatment period and 60% at one year.

Mental Health Medication

If you are are on medication, or are considering starrting or stopping medication, we recommend you visit “Choiceandmedication


There are a range of services including voluntary services at the website:

Locally the charity MYMY (Mind Yourself and Your Mate) has has opened a new office in Newcastle, the charity website is:

Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Drug and alcohol use/misuse can be a significant worry for parents and cause of significant harm both mentally, psychologically and physically, the charity ASCERT, can give you information on the types of drugs available “on the street”, the problems they can cause and where to seek help.

Another local agency you can approach for help managing issues relating to Drug or Alcohol  is the Simon Community Outreach team


CONTACT NI is a voluntary organisation which can provide support and counselling to people suffering mental health issues, you can be referred by your GP or can self refer on their website, if you are in need of counselling and do self refer, please grant permission to the counsellor to let the practice know.


there is a local support group which meets every fortnight in the Newcastle centre; please find details at


The SE trust offers a series of courses aiming to address aspects of mental health with the aim of providing students with the skills to help them take control of their life.  There are a range of courses and modules available; please follow this link to the college: prospectus. Living with health problems can put strain on your resilience and ability to cope, there is often no “quick fix” but rather a range of measures you can adopt to help you succeed. If you are willing to invest some time and effort to develop your abilities, please consider enrolling in a course.