Do I Need an Antibiotic

I’m sure you cannot have escaped the drive to control the use of antibiotics and limit their use to conditions caused by bacteria rather than virus infections. Viral illness are common, cause symptoms which can be very distressing and result in time lost from work or school, importantly, they do not respond to antibiotics and have a natural course before your body’s immune system combats the virus.

Below are leaflets which we hope you find useful in understanding whether an illness is likely to be due to a viral illness or bacterial.

Do I need an antibiotic – leaflet – PDF 393KB

Does my child need an antibiotic – Leaflet – PDF 168KB

Sore Ear-Otitis Media – self help PDF 81KB

Sore Throat – self help information sheet – PDF 74KB

Cough and Acute Bronchitis – self help PDF 76KB

Common Cold and Flu-like Illness – self help PDF 77KB


Acute Sinusitis – self help information sheet -PDF 79KB